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(Other) Aircraft Animal, Accessory Animal, Air Animal, Body Part Animal, Land Animal, Water Antenna Bar Baseplate Belville Bionicle Bionicle, Kanohi Mask Boat Bracket Brick Brick, Arch Brick, Decorated Brick, Modified Brick, Modified, Decorated Brick, Promotional Brick, Round Brick, Round, Decorated Clikits Cloth Cockpit Cone Container Crane Cylinder Dish Dish, Decorated Door Door Frame Door, Decorated Duplo, Brick, Promotional Duplo, Plate Electric Electric, Battery Box Electric, Motor Electric, Train Fence Flag Flag, Decorated Food & Drink Friends Garage Glass Hero Factory Hinge Hook Hose, Pneumatic 4mm D. Hose, Ribbed 7mm D. Hose, Rigid 3mm D. Hose, Soft Axle Ladder Large Figure Part Lever Minifig, Body Part Minifig, Body Wear Minifig, Hair Minifig, Head Minifig, Head, Modified Minifig, Headgear Minifig, Headgear Accessory Minifig, Legs Assembly Minifig, Shield Minifig, Torso Minifig, Torso Assembly Minifig, Utensil Minifig, Weapon Panel Plant Plant, Tree Plastic Plate Plate, Modified Plate, Round Pneumatic Propeller Riding Cycle Road Sign Rock Roof Rubber Band & Belt Slope Slope, Curved Slope, Curved, Decorated Slope, Decorated Slope, Inverted Sports Stairs Sticker String String Reel / Winch Support Tail Tap Technic Technic, Axle Technic, Brick Technic, Connector Technic, Disk Technic, Gear Technic, Liftarm Technic, Link Technic, Panel Technic, Pin Technic, Plate Technic, Steering Tile Tile, Decorated Tile, Modified Tile, Modified, Decorated Tile, Round Tile, Round, Decorated Tire & Tread Train Train, Track Turntable Vehicle Vehicle, Mudguard Vehicle, Mudguard, Decorated Wedge Wedge, Decorated Wedge, Plate Wheel Window Windscreen Windscreen, Decorated
Gear Minifig Set
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Colour: Tan
Condition: neu
Bricklink-Art-Nr.: 3245cpb035
Bricklink-ItemType: PART
Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Inside Stud Holder with Cerea 0.58*
available: 266 pcs
Colour: Red
Condition: neu
Bricklink-Art-Nr.: 3245cpb036
Bricklink-ItemType: PART
Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Inside Stud Holder with ' 0.67*
available: 277 pcs
Colour: White
Condition: neu
Bricklink-Art-Nr.: 3001
Bricklink-ItemType: PART
Stein 2 x 4 0.11*
available: 20377 pcs

Top offers LEGO® minifigures

Condition: neu
Bricklink-Art-Nr.: sh204
Bricklink-ItemType: MINIFIG
Batman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Black H 6.35*
available: 75 pcs
Condition: neu
Bricklink-Art-Nr.: njo174
Bricklink-ItemType: MINIFIG
Blade Master Bansha - Ghost Legs (70738) 4.12*
available: 54 pcs

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We offer a wide range of Lego parts to various themes. Reaching from Lego City over Star Wars to Technic – there is something for everyone.

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Our extensive assortment of goods offers a great choice of rare parts for every Lego fan. Lego is more than just a toy for kids. Especially Lego lovers and collectors can be rampant in their fascination and passion at

Enthusiasm and creativity

Do you need spare parts for your Lego set or did you lose the instruction? Or do you want to be a builder yourself and therefore your’re looking for baseplates, bricks or minifigures? Your fantasy has no limits! Re-create scenes from movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or maybe even build a whole city with train station, airport and a shopping centre. Get inspired by our huge variety of products.

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